Panel Discussion: "Die Kunst liegt im Bett des Siegers“ (Beat Wyss) – Strukturwandel im Kunstmarkt
11.10.7:00 pm
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“Art always lies in the bed of the victor” (Beat Wyss) – structural change in the art market

The art market is undergoing a rapid transformation, almost incomparable to that of any other sector: classic gallery concepts appear out-dated, “corporate galleries” dominate the market and artists are increasingly marketing themselves. Are completely new gallery models required in our present moment, and what would new marketing strategies look like?

The balance of power within the art market is increasingly shifting: the linear style of marketing - artist/gallery/museum/auction house - is now circular. Art as lifestyle, as luxury product, as political medium – in many ways, fine art receives more attention now than in the past. The global activity of the art trade offers new opportunities, but also new challenges for artists, gallerists, collectors and museums.


Johanna Neuschäffer and Anne Schwanz are breaking new ground in Berlin with OFFICE IMPART under the slogan “rethinking structures – a post gallery”.

Yves Michele Saß and Stefan Fuchs opened Loggia in 2017, a new experimental art space in Munich.

Tim Geissler has been a partner at Galerie Jahn und Jahn, Munich, since 2016.

Barbara Gross has been doing classic gallery work at the highest level in Munich for more than 30 years.

Chaired by:

Tobias Haberl, Editor SZ Magazine

Karl & Faber
Amirapl. 3, 80333 München, Deutschland